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They say you must separate to elevate. I totally agree. However I never thought about this act outside of the realm of separating myself from certain people who weren’t as focused or committed to specific goals as I was. After reading an article published by Entrepreneur magazine entitled “What It’s Like to Transition From Founder to CEO,” It dawned on me that I needed to apply this in a totally different way.
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I’ve operated as the Founder of Can’t Stay Put since its inception and every now and then I’ve put on the CEO hat. Why? Because being a Founder is dreamy, you feel special and empowered that you decided to step out on faith to create something, however after a while, you realize that in order to really manifest your big vision and aspirations a change must be made. Elevation must happen. And in my case in order to #levelup I needed to separate myself from my current mindset of doing things. It’s not enough that I started something, it was time to see if I actually deserved to run it.
Photography by Divante King

I say all this to say, that if you’ve got big plans in motion, sometimes the separation that needs to happen to elevate is a matter you separating yourself from your current you.

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  • Sharae | May 2, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    Love this post, so true!

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