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The night cap of my summer! This is my 5th time here. Why? My best friend is Bermudian. Lucky me right. And plus I’m a two-week old God Moma! Still can’t believe God trust us enough to take care of another human being!  But anyway, because her mom went to college and grad school in the states, she ended up going to grade school in the states as well. We met in 9th grade homeroom and have been besties every since!

This is my first time back in Bermuda since I started Can’t Stay Put™ and let me say, it feels good to come back and have worked lined up. Creating and curating content! While I’m here I will be collaborating with the guys from We Are Bermuda to capture the essence of Bermuda from the food to the people to the history. I am also teaming up with fashion blogger, Tamara and will be including some features of fashion designers as well. The good folks at Blavity sent me a GoPro to capture what I do behind and in front of the scenes. Super stoked to finally get to show people the fun part of what I do and the not so fun part. Well, there aren’t really parts that aren’t fun, just not as fun as being out there in the world and exploring. i.e. writing this blog post. If you haven’t heard of Blavity, check them out. It is a platform that showcases Black creatives.

Stay tuned! I have a lot of cool stuff coming:)

IMG_1528Photo captured by: We Are Bermuda


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