The Newport Mansions

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I spent 2016 NYE weekend exploring the Newport Mansions in Newport, Rhode Island. As fascinating and inspiring as it was to learn about one of the wealthiest familys in the world at one time, my mantra for 2017 was further confirmed that we must be producers and not consumers. The Vanderbilts managed to accrue wealth close to $300 billion by today’s value… and lost it all. Why? Because generation 3 and 4th consumed and no longer produced anything. It was intriguing to see how you go about building generational wealth and how you go about losing it. So my wish for you is to PRODUCE! PRODUCE businesses, services, art, products, concepts… all around good work. Refrain from consuming so much TV, social media, gossip, bs experiences…. because if a family was able to run through 300 billion dollars we most definitely can burn through whatever we are working towards.

Check out my experience below, told through my Instagram Stories so the quality ain’t amazing but it definitely gives you a close up view to this astronomical wealth especially with my candid commentary. What a time the Gilded Age was…


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