My #3YearQuitAnniversary

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I was lucky enough to spend my 3 year anniversary of the day I quit my job in Salvador, Bahia. Here’s a quick recap of that time in my life.

1 • 3 || All I knew was I wanted something different. Something that would wake me up in the morning no matter if I was getting paid for it or not. Something that I would ultimately thank God for everyday. Something that people say they want but don’t put in the effort to figure out. I wanted purpose. I wanted to do something that I felt as though God put me on earth to do. Something that was unique and specific to me. The frustration I experienced my 25th year of life was so overwhelming that it physically hurt to go to work. I just couldn’t take it. I’d record videos of myself venting after a 12hr day at work desperatley wanting God to bless me with my game plan. I was aware that God had blessed me with so many experiences and talents but at the time the puzzle pieces were just that… pieces. No picture in view. To be continued.. #ItMy3YrQuitAnniversary #CantStayPut 📷: @zunaidtheeditor

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2 • 3 || Most people put in their notice at work once they’ve put together a master plan, or when they’ve saved up a year of expenses, or once they’ve been building their business for a while, frankly that wasn’t me. I didn’t have a plan. And I didn’t care. I just knew that on my 25th birthday I prayed the most sincere prayer I had ever prayed..for God to reveal to me my purpose and that in return I promised to run 100mph towards it. So when I put in my notice with no master plan, I had the faith and truly believed God was going to not only reveal to me my purpose but he was going to keep me covered along the journey. My last day at work was something out of a dream. I drove to LA the same day. Those two weeks after were by far some of the greatest days of my life. I was on a high that no drug could ever give. It was the high of ultimate freedom from a life I wanted no parts of. My “quitting” gift to myself was a trip back to Maui. It was to serve as my transition trip. My transition into the unknown. I never could have imagined that my prayer for my purpose would be answered. While in Maui, God spoke to me and told me to inspire people through my experiences. I had lived a very privileged life, to the point where I felt guilty that I was able to experience so much when most others don’t (If you don’t know my background check out the link in my bio.) At that moment, I decided I was going to be an Inspirational Explorer. I didn’t know what the hell that meant or how it was going to make money but I had decided… I was going to use what was specific to me to help people in any way I could. To be continued…. #ItsMy3YrQuitAnniversary #cantstayput 📷: @zunaidtheeditor

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3 • 3 || When I decided that I was going to be an Inspirational Explorer. Nobody including me knew what that meant. I made the title up! LOL. I happened to be in LA at a networking event and ran into a life coach. I told him that I desperately needed to meet with him because I had an idea of what I wanted to do but I didn’t know what exactly that meant I needed to do tomorrow. I also told him that since I quit my job, I didn’t have any money to pay him. He said “many people say they want to change their lives, but they don’t want to put forth the work. I’d much rather you not waste my time than pay me.” 1st off I took that as an insult because how dare you think I’ma waste yo time, secondly I had something to prove, thirdly I had just quit my job soooo I didn’t have a choice. We met two days later and essentially what he said was, “Lauren you are what it is that you say you want to be, the world just doesn’t know it yet. You need to start branding yourself as that.” Honestly that was all I needed to hear. He gave me a list of items for homework one of which was to start building a platform. Hours after that meeting, I bought the domain for #cantstayput. While living on @picturethisvic’s couch I decided I needed to go on my first official #cantstayput trip. It’s one thing to tell people what you do and it’s another to actually show them. With no money and no job I was determined to make this first project work. I changed the screen saver on my phone and computer to southeast Asia. The mission was to document how to travel on $30/day. I put together a proposal and literally sent it out to everyone I knew. Most people didn’t respond, others were like I’m not paying for you to go on vacation, others were like oh thats cute but hell naw. But then I got my first yes! Someone I met through my previous job gave me $2,500 on the strength of my passion. He said, “I know I’m not going to get my money back but your passion and excitement about this leaves me to believe that you’re not going to quit. You’re going to stick with this until you figure it out. I just want to be one of the people that believed in you from the start.” 📷: @rodsvndcones #ItMy3YrQuitAnniversary

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