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I've gotten a lot of different questions about Cuba. I'm going to answer a few below. Unfortunately snapchat doesn't work here so no behind the scenes commentary. 😩 1. We flew here through Cancun, Mexico. JetBlue and other airlines do have charter flights to Cuba butttt it's $$$ and you have to go through a travel agency. 2. We had to buy our "Cuban visa" at the Cancun airport. It was $20. Why we had to purchase the visa in Cancun and not Havana, I'm not quite sure. Seemed kinda sketch but they definitely asked for it upon arrival. 3. Customs gave us a hard time… Not so much because we were American. I think because we stood out and given what I do they were just curious. We chose journalism as our classification for the trip. That or person to person is fine. 4. We're staying in an Airbnb which is always my preference anyway. For my own personal morals and values, I prefer to give money to family owned places vs state-owned properties. I'll share more when I'm back on American soil. 5. Yes, communication is very limited but oh man it's beautiful sight to see people actually connecting with each other vs always having their heads down in their phones. 6. If I were to compare Havana to any other city I've traveled to, I would say it reminds me the most of Salvador in Brazil. Music is literally everywhere and the people are amazing. Ummmmm there's so much more but I'll be sharing in doses. #Cuba #CantStayPut #CSPCuba

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So what are the odds that we'd happen to be in Cuba for the first ever #Musicabana Festival, an interactive infusion of music, art and culture. What are the odds we meet the producers of the festival and they end up being from Brooklyn. What are the odds they live in the same neighborhood has @superdupersleepy and my Brother. What are the odds they do this type of work all over the world (I'll explain more later). What are the odds they're intrigued by us and the work we do, and instantly give us VIP access to all the events. In the last few days, I've experienced Cuban music royalty, met Cuban artist & influencers, met Cubans who after over 20years are just now coming back home. I've learned so much about the state of affairs now and 30-40-50 years ago. The icing on the cake has been connecting with Cuban Americans and discussing how and why I need to make a major impact here, empowering the people and facilitating economic development. As you all may know, it's a very critical time for Cuba. Things could either go all the way left or right. I'm committed to making sure things go right. #GodPutMeHereToChangeTheWorld #AndThatsWhatImGoneDo #CantStayPut #CSPCuba

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I come from a long line of farmers out of South Georgia. I would spend my summers as a child running through peanut fields and making mud pies with my cousins, often times coming back into my Auntie's house with 2 layers of dust on our skin. It would be those summers that would bring me my first taste of freedom. Running wild, with no adults, no supervision, no limits. When me and @superdupersleepy started to map out our experience, I told her the city of Havana was cool and all, but we got to go out to the tobacco farms. I had to experience country living because I knew it would feed my soul in a way no city ever could. Two and half hours outside of Havana, you'll find the Vinãles, a town nestled between endless rolling mountains. I knew when we stopped to chat with this farmer, my experience was going to be everything and more. #CantStayPut #Vinãles #Cuba #EssenceTravels #CSPCuba 📸: @dorilikethefish | Styled by: @pangearevolt

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When you travel as much as I do, there's no such thing as a stranger. 📸: @dorilikethefish #cantstayput #CSPCuba

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