CSP Experience:
South Africa, May 2015

Johannesburg, Cape Town

A two-week excursion that implemented CSP’s 4-E Objective:

Education & Empowerment


Lo visited and spoke with the children of Lukholweni Primary School in Soweto, Johannesburg. She discussed her role as an Inspirational Explorer and experiences around the world. She asked every last child what they wanted to be when they grew up and gave them feedback about what would be necessary to make their dreams come true.



Lo spent time with Joburg’s Organic Roots Stimulator Marketing Rep visiting salons and learning about the hair care industry in the country. She also served as a resource for hair stylist interested in the latest hair trends in the US. While in Cape Town, Lo worked with Take Care clothing to complete a look book of their latest fashions.



Lo explored the beautiful coastline of Cape Town and experienced the vibrant resurgence of Joburg.

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