CSP Experience:
India, February 2015

Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur

A two-week excursion that implemented CSP’s 4-E Objective:

Education & Empowerment


Lo worked with the Akanksha Foundation in Mumbai in an effort to raise awareness to their mission of providing quality education to underserved children in India. Lo visited various schools and spoke with the kids about her experiences around the world, believing in themselves and living a life of purpose no matter their circumstances. She also visited the surrounding communities with the community social worker in an effort to get a glimpse of where the kids come from and their quality of life.



Lo connected with emerging fashion designers behind the Delhi-based brand LoveBirds in an effort to shed light on the booming fashion industry in the country. She interviewed them and shot a look book in their latest collection.



Lo explored various areas off the beaten path to give her followers an idea of all that India has to offer. When she visited the Taj Mahal in traditional dress she found herself being asked by everyone for pictures.

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