What does the brand stand for?
Can’t Stay Put is about making moves to create the life you want. It’s about exploring the realms of one’s own definition of greatness. Pushing yourself beyond the limits that society has placed on you. Being fearless and going, doing and being.

What is the message you are trying to send about your product?
That one MUST live fearlessly and aim to be best version of themselves. That it’s ok to go against the status quo and do your own thing. That what’s in your heart is worthy enough to pursue. That the world should be used as tool to uncover the many layers of who we are.

What advice would you give someone wishing to live a #cantstayput lifestyle?
Make the decision that you deserve more out of life. Be ready for the sacrifice that is required to get more out of life. Understand that you must sacrifice for your amazing. Constantly working to become the best version of your self isn’t easy especially in a world where so many are content with mediocrity. Be prepared for periods of your life that are lonely. Those quiet periods are when you learn so much about your self. I truly believe that living a #cantstayput lifestyle transforms you into the truest form of who you were always meant to be.

What type of brands does #cantstayput work with?
I work with brands that embody what #cantstayput stands for. Brands that I create an experience out of. Brands that improves one’s life whether that be in the realm of beauty, health, travel etc. I really like to work with brands that I actually like. I’m not here to pimp out my audience and platform for a dollar. It’s not worth it. If I can’t get behind what a brands stands for, I can’t work with them. It has to integrate into what I do.

Do you give advice on travel and exploring?
Yes. I definitely do! I’m always down to help people get out there in the world. I design experiences and offer travel consultations.

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How to Create the Life You Want by Living the #canststayput lifestyle!
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