Lo, the founder and CEO of Can’t Stay Put, is an Inspirational Explorer*.

*A visual story teller, a content creator, a travel personality, and on occasion a muse for artistic expression.

Like most millennials approaching 25, Lo was yearning for more purpose in her work and looking to live a life more specific to who she was. To avoid a slight mental breakdown, a friend gifted her with a trip to Maui for her birthday to ease into 25. While there she prayed to God, “If you reveal to me what my purpose is, I promise I will run 100mph towards it.” To show the universe just how serious she was, upon her return to work she put in her notice. After quitting on January 15, 2013, Lo treated herself to a trip back to Maui. While trekking through a bamboo forest on the road to Hana, Lo had the “aha moment” she had been waiting on. God whispered, “You need to figure out how to do this.”

This” was to inspire people through her experiences and adventures. She then thought about her life up until that point and it started to make sense. Her sense of curiosity to explore stemmed from a childhood of summers on her grandfather’s farm in South Georgia and creating vision boards of summer excursions with her mom. She started flying by herself at 5, averaging 7-10 solo flights a year, due to being raised by her Dad in Atlanta and her mom living in Washington, DC. Between visiting her mom and tagging along with her parents on work trips, Lo didn’t know a life without traveling. Navigating through the unknown was very familiar to her. She had experienced things that most kids and adults won’t experience. Recognizing that privilege, she made a vow to use that experience to help others. In what way? She didn’t know yet. But she knew that was her “it.”

February 2013 was the birth of Can’t Stay Put.

The daughter of an entrepreneur and granddaughter of a farmer, Lauren was raised with the notion that she too would be an entrepreneur. Since her childhood her father preached “don’t get comfortable signing the back of checks, you want to sign the front” and “there are two working days after Friday and two working days before Monday, don’t be a weekend person.” It was only a matter of time before she figured out how she was going to make her own mark.

With a Biology degree from Howard University and further education from Wake Forest Business School, she fed her curiosity with science and sharpened her skills with business. Working for her father since a toddler, she went on to win 1st place in a business competition at Clark Atlanta University in high school and eventually ran and managed an events department responsible for over 350k sales a year. She also presented the concept of Can’t Stay Put at the National Black MBA’s Associations Innovation Whiteboard Challenge as a semi-finalist.

Over the past few years, Can’t Stay Put has evolved from being a travel resource to a full-service lifestyle brand and platform for her peers to get inspiration and create the life they want.

Lauren has worked with non-profits around the world and has spoken at countless schools educating students about #cantstayput. She has designed experiences for major travel companies, collaborated with major brands, spoken at conferences, and has been featured in major magazines.

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