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Here is a recap of some of Can’t Stay Put’s best moments of 2016 told through instagram.

When I boarded my flight to Salvador, Brazil to launch the first ever @travelnoire experience, I didn't know what to expect. The @travelnoire team had been working tirelessly around the clock to make sure every T was crossed and I was dotted. (We quickly learned that there's no amount of planning you can do to foresee unforeseen instances lol) My nerves were all over the place because it was the first time actual human beings were going to experience the activities I had but together 6 months prior on my scout trip. The whole time I was thinking… holy shit… I'm always Gucci with the good, bad and ugly no matter where I go in the world… it's a whole other story when you are dealing with paid customers. Nonetheless, we pulled it off, not without a scratch though. But even with dealing with the scratches, most of which the experiencers never knew about, we were able to make improvements in real-time. I learned so much about myself, it was crazy! I was able to hone in on what I'm good at, what I could careless about, what I suck at. It was the most structure I had experienced since quitting my job and I'll tell you… the structure was painful Lololol. Nonetheless, this experience was integral to the growth God saw fit for me this year. Although I ultimately decided to part ways, I'll never forget the history we made in January of this year! I wouldn't trade it for the world. #CSP2016RECAP #cantstayput #salvador #brazil

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Back in 2014 my friend @devtsmith_ told me about this company (Blavity) that was catered towards black creative millennials. He told me they were just starting out and were looking for creators with brands who could create content for their platform. I was in year 2 of building #cantstayput so it was only right to hop on board. He ended up connecting us which subsequently led to the @Blavity team sending me a GoPro set to document my month long experience in Bermuda. From that point on @Blavity continued to be supportive of my journey, and I of theirs, which brings me to another dope moment of 2016. Being a panelist at @blavity's inaugural EmpowHER conference in NYC. It's crazy how things come around full circle. Manifestation is real…. we all start somewhere. | Go. Do. Be. #CSP2016RECAP #cantstayput #blavity #nyc

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"At the end of the day I don't want to hear Future talkin bout anything Kendrick talkin bout." 😂 I was invited to speak on the "For Those That Love God and Trap Music" panel at Georgia Tech. First off, speaking on the same panel as @shantidas404 (a music exec legend) & @drjoycedotnet is an absolute honor. Both Shanti & Joyce are from SWATS like me and they went to my Atlanta Public high school… Benjamin E. Mays High. It was super dope to talk about hip hop in a setting like Georgia Tech… gotta bring some juice to where it's most needed. (Georgia Tech is also where my little sister @leah_jamison is a sophomore.. she smart AF) | #CSP2016RECAP #cantstayput #georgiatech #atlanta 📽: @justmaine

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One of the biggest moments for me this year was finally establishing a base. For those of you who have been following my journey, you know for the first 3 and half almost 4 years of building #cantstayput, I was homeless. Bouncing from couch to couch, guest room to guest room…. I was on heavy rotation between @picturethisvic's couch in LA, @marcel127 & @8wdcele couch in Oakland, my brothers couch in NYC, and my family and friends couches in ATL. I decided to base in Philly because Cali was too far to go back to because of my dad and I wanted to have access to NYC and DC without paying NYC and DC prices. Let me tell you something…. it ain't nothing like sleeping in your own bed, having all your clothes and stuff in one place vs 5 states. The funny thing is I'm away from place more than I'm here, but it doesn't even matter. For the little time I am here… to just CHILL and RESET makes it all worth it. Philly is the 7th city I've lived in. (S/O to Mitsubishi for the whip that week) #CSP2016RECAP #cantstayput #philly

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